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Gold Team Expedition success

Yesterday evening our Gold group of six completed the expedition section of their Award level.

Under the new rules put in place due to Covid19, they completed a series of four consecutive day walks along the Cambridgeshire / Northamptonshire border. They started and finished in Wansford, completing a large loop of just under 100 km.

The group despite changeable weather worked well as a team, kept smiling and a sense of humour. Their navigation was excellent and they were often observed working together to double-check they were on the correct path. Each team member carried all their kit, cooked a meal on the route and contributed to the navigation and the banter.

This was an open group and whilst half of them had been with our award centre since Bronze, the rest joined us to complete their Gold award. It is a credit to them all, how well they worked together in planning and preparing for this expedition without being able to get together in a room.

Every expedition has to have an aim, and this group chose to produce and present a PowerPoint presentation on the churches they passed on their route. Each evening they uploaded their photos and researched the churches. Their presentation was excellent, each taking turns to talk about the churches they researched.

We wish the team every success in the future.

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