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Year 10 +

You can start working towards your Silver  Award from the beginning of School Year 10.

There are 4 sections to the award, volunteering, physical, skills and an expedition section. 

Participants spend a minimum of six months of volunteering. For the physical and skills sections, they must spend a minimum of six months on one and three on the other. The expedition involves planning, training for and undertaking a three day (two night) expedition. 

The decision on which section to do for the longest time is totally theirs. If they have jumped straight into their Silver programme they'll need to do a further six months either volunteering or doing whichever of the physical or skill activity they spend more time on. This decision must be made at the start but can be reviewed later. 

To achieve their Award, participants must have completed their programme successful and be at least 15 years old if they already have Bronze. 

For the expedition section participants will form teams of between four and seven. Each team is supported by a volunteer group leader and all teams are overseen by the DofE Manager. 

Whilst participants will be required to acquire some kit like waterproofs, boots and clothes. This centre hires out tents, rucksacks, stoves, sleeping mats to those who need it.

The Silver award builds on the Bronze Award experience, helping the participants develop resilience, demonstrate commitment, learn new skills and most importantly have fun. 

Volunteering Section

6 Months duration

Minimum 1 hour per week

Log to be kept on eDofE

Physical Section

6 months if Skill section 3 months
Minimum 1 hour per week
Set a goal to measure progress against
Log to be kept on eDofE

Skills Section

6 months if Physical section 3 months
Minimum 1 hour per week
Set a learning goal to work towards
Log to be kept on eDofE

Expedition Section

Three days walking (two-nights camping)

Practice and Assessed expeditions required

Training provided

  • First Aid

  • Navigation

  • Campcraft

Must meet the Expedition Aim and Requirements

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