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16 - 24 Years Old

You can start working towards your Gold Award from your 16th birthday and have up until your 25th birthday to complete the award

There are 5 sections to the award, volunteering, physical, skills, expedition and a residential section. 

Participants spend a minimum of 12 months of volunteering. For their physical and skills sections, they must spend a minimum of 12 months on one and size on the other. They decide which section to do for the longer time. They'll plan, train and complete a four day (three-night) expedition. The biggest difference at Gold is that participants must do an additional fifth section - residential. This is an activity away from home for five days and four nights with people they do not already know. 

Direct entrants must spend a further six months either volunteering or doing whichever of the skill of physical activities they spent the most time on.  This decision must be made at the start but ca be reviewed later.

Volunteering Section

12 Months duration

Minimum 1 hour per week

Log to be kept on eDofE

Physical Section

12 months if Skill section 6 months
Minimum 1 hour per week
Set a goal to measure progress against
Log to be kept on eDofE

Skills Section

12 months if Physical section 6 months
Minimum 1 hour per week
Set a learning goal to work towards
Log to be kept on eDofE

Expedition Section

Four days walking (three-nights camping)

Two Practice and Once Assessed expeditions required

Training provided

  • First Aid

  • Navigation

  • Campcraft

Must meet the Expedition Aim and Requirements

Residential Section

Undertake a shared activity in a residential setting away from home for 5 days and 4 nights.

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