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Gold Residential

Residentials now Open for 2024

We have new dates for TWO Raptor Foundation residentials and One Bushcraft/Conservation residential in 2024

 Book early to secure your place. 

EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT available until Dec 31st 2023

All our residentials proved very popular and were fully booked in 2023

Contact for further information or click the links to our information and application information

At Gold, DofE Participants are given a 5th section to complete, in addition to the 4 sections of Volunteering, Physical, Skill, Expedition, that are already part of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. The residential section is designed as an immersive experience to improve confidence and team building whilst on a shared endeavour.
For a Gold Residential section participants need to undertake a shared activity or specific course with people they don’t know, in a residential setting away from home and in an unfamiliar environment. Evenings are as much a part of the experience as daytime activities. Working, eating, socialising, sleeping in the same establishment is an important part of the course.
Think of it as a bit like a Volunteering, a Physical or a Skill section but completed residentially, with a group of people you don’t already know.
You must join the residential as an individual and not with an existing group of friends. On our residentials we are able to accept a small number of people who already know each other as we can keep them apart working in separate teams throughout.
The Gold residentials all take place over five consecutive days with four nights spent away.
Without exception, Gold participants always enjoy these experiences and come away with lifelong friends. Participants learn about getting along with new people in a new environment…a bit like a first week away at University or in a new job. Check out some of the positive comments below.

"Such an incredible experience! Learnt loads of new skills and made lots of new friends."
"An excellent week making great new friends and learning fascinating new skills."
"A thoroughly enjoyable week that provided the opportunity to try out lots of different activities in a friendly, relaxed environment."
"It was a lovely relaxed environment, where I was able to learn skills that were completely new to me and make friends I will definitely keep in touch with
A whole new side of life it's an adventure never to be forgotten!"
"Lots of different activities that we could throw ourselves into"
"It was excellent and very well organized"
"It was the most enjoyable experience I have ever had"
"Thanks for a great week! Incredible value and lots of fun. Will recommend this to anyone...."
"I had an amazing time, I just wanted to say thank you all for the hard work and effort you put it, it really made the difference"
"The menu was so well planned and everything tasted amazing, generally an amazing camp, one of the best I've ever been on and am grateful to have experienced it."

Residential Offerings


Bushcraft and Conservation

Cambridgeshire DofE Open Award Centre are pleased to offer a new and exciting residential opportunity to Gold Award Participants.

· Would you like to learn a selection of interesting bushcraft and survival activities?

· Would you like to cook homemade food over open fires, carve cutlery, weave willow?

· Would you like to learn something about environmental conservation and regeneration?

· Would you like to complete a John Muir Award?

We have these activities and many more in our 5-day itinerary. The Countryside Regeneration Trust and Cambridgeshire DofE Open Award Centre will work together to deliver our Bushcraft and Conservation residential. We will camp in field/woodland owned by the Trust. Learning Bushcraft and survival skills with experienced DofE Centre leaders, whilst also helping with conservation and environmental protection tasks in the local area under the guidance of CRT staff.

The location has very easy access from the M11 motorway Junction 12

Image by Aaron Doucett

RAPTOR (Birds of Prey) Foundation

Cambridgeshire DofE Open Award Centre is pleased to offer a new and exciting residential opportunity to Gold Award Participants.

· Would you like to learn how to care for and fly birds of prey (Raptors)?

· Would you like to help to repair aviaries, maintain the environment and look after the visitor site?

· Would you like to learn something about Raptor conservation and rehabilitation and help support the work of this amazing charity?

· Are you interested in the care and conservation of animals?

· Would you like to complete a John Muir Award?

We have these activities and more in our 5-day itinerary. Cambridgeshire DofE Open Award Centre and The Raptor Foundation will work together to deliver our Raptor care and handling experience. We will camp on the grounds of the Raptor Foundation and hear the wonderful calls of the birds throughout our stay. Learning about a wide variety of Raptors and their care whilst also helping to restore some of the grounds and aviaries for a better visitor experience. The Raptor Foundation also cares for a “mob” of meerkats and a “creep” of tortoises, as well as a pond with a “school” of fish……Loving those collective nouns!!! A “kettle” of hawks, a “wake” of buzzards, you can of course use “flock”.

All need careful care, handling, and maintenance of their surroundings. The Raptor Foundation is a member of BIAZA (The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) All members are dedicated to achieving the highest standards of animal care and conserving the natural world through research, conservation, and educating and inspiring their visitors.

This residential is suitable for anyone interested in caring for animals and their environments, anyone applying or already accessing courses in animal care and handling, or anyone interested in animal or small zoo work, or animal care and conservation.

The location has very easy access from the A1 and A14 via Huntingdon, Cambs, or via St Ives, Cambs

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