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First Silver and Gold Practice expeditions since lockdown.

During the first week of September, we ran our first practice expeditions since lockdown in March.

Over the week two Silver walking groups, a Silver cycling group and a Gold walking group carried out their practice expeditions under new DofE guidance. This guidance has been developed to allow DofE participants to continue to work towards their awards whilst operating under Covid19 restrictions.

Normally the participants would be in Shropshire or the Pennines walking or cycling during the day and camping together at night.

This year the new guidance has meant we have stayed local in the Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire countryside. They camped at home in their own gardens and were delivered and collected daily by their parents.

To enable them to meet the 20 conditions of an expedition they still had to carry most of what they would do, minus a tent and sleeping bag. They also cooked a meal each lunchtime.

Apart from one day, the weather was fantastic and all the groups worked well together. Navigation was good and despite a few physical changes to where footpaths went, they all made it from start to finish via the checkpoints as planned. One group even came across what from a distance resembled a small zebra.

These groups over the coming months will now complete their assessed expedition.

If you are interested in undertaking your Bronze, Silver or Gold DofE award please get in touch with us. As the only open award centre in Cambridgeshire, if you live in Cambridgeshire and the school you attend does not deliver the award level you are interested then you can achieve it with us. To get in contact please click here.

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