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Bronze Assessed Expedition. Well done team.

Another successful DofE Assessed expedition completed last weekend in the local Cambridgeshire countryside.

A team of 5 walked for over 6 hours each day and then cooked a meal on their individual stoves before heading home to sleep in a tent pitched in the garden.

They encountered a field of young bulls on day 1 but very successfully navigated around them so as not to cause them any alarm.

Pitching and sleeping in a tent in the garden gives a more realistic expedition experience, when working under the new DofE Day walk style of expedition guidelines.

However the days are no less challenging.

The team were VERY happy to see these beautiful Alpaca just before they finished at the end of Day 2.

Very well done to all of you

The team are already enrolled at Silver level and looking forward to an expedition in 2021.

We had a very pleased parent too :

"Thank you very much for making the Bronze Award possible for our children. They had a great time and are already looking forward to the Silver expedition"

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